Club Badge Nights

Kellogg’s Distance Badges

Folkestone Sports Centre Swimming Club (FSCSC) follow the Rainbow Distance Awards, a bright and colourful collection of badges and certificates to reward swimmers achieving distance swims.

At FSCSC we hold Club Badge Nights scheduled on the events calendar several times each year.  We encourage swimmers at all levels to participate in these badge nights from both the training pool and main pool.  Distance badges that can be achieved range from 5m up to 5000m.

Training Pool


Number of   Lengths

5 metres

1 width

10 metres

1 length

Main Pool


Number of   Lengths

25 metres


50 metres


100 metres


200 metres


400 metres


800 metres


1000 metres


1500 metres


1 mile (1609.3m)


2000 metres


3000 metres


4000 metres


5000 metres


How a Club Badge Night Works

Club Badge Nights are scheduled on the events calendar to take place several times in each year.  Training pool swimmers will be told by their coaches when they are going to attempt a distance badge.  Some advanced training pool swimmers will be encouraged to attempt the 25m badge when the coaches believe they are ready.

On a badge night swimmers should arrive at the pool for (Monday 6pm or Friday 6.15pm).  Parents must go poolside with their swimmer and will be required to mark off the lengths swum.  On arrival at poolside you will be given a record sheet and the process of marking lengths will be explained to you.  Swimmers will be guided into the pool at staggered times by the coaches as it is deemed safe to do so.

Rules of Badge Nights:

  • The swimmer must carry out a proper swimming stroke throughout but may change to another stroke at any time.  This may help to allow different muscles to work/rest and allow changed breathing patterns.
  • The swimmer must not stop to hold onto the end or side of the pool or put their feet on the floor, they must swim continuously during the whole distance to qualify for the award.  Any pause for a drink or to adjust goggles etc. must be done whilst treading water – parents / carers / guardians can squirt drinks into the mouths of swimmers if necessary.
  • A swimmer who stops at the end of one distance e.g. 100m, but then wishes to carry on to 200m must re-start a new swim and complete a second record sheet.

If at any time a swimmer is spotted by a judge to not be swimming a correct stroke efficiently then the parent / carer / guardian will be approached and the swimmer will be asked to leave the pool.

Coaches will act as judges throughout the time that swimmers remain in the pool.

Once a swimmer completes their distance swim, a judge must be asked to sign the record sheet.

The swimmer can then visit the club table to purchase their badge and certificate.  The price for 2013 is £3.50 for the certificate and badge (certificate £2 and badge £1.50).