Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements and Membership


Age 10+ with no upper age limit – we currently have very successful lifesavers up to the age of 60+.

Must be a competent swimmer.

Must be a member of a swimming club (doesn’t have to be Folkestone Sports Centre Swimming Club)

Must attend a minimum of 2 swimming training sessions a week in addition to the advised lifesaving training.

Subject to any waiting list.

Completion of registration forms and payment of membership and insurance.

Registration and Insurance Matters

FSCSC Life Saving is affiliated to the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) and its registration number is 10001022.

All of the Clubs’ teachers/coaches are in individual membership of the RLSS UK and we each have our own individual registration number.

When FSCSC members join the lifesaving section of the club it is vital that they become an individual youth (under 18 years of age) or adult member of the RLSS UK, with each person being given their own unique membership number.

Membership fees are set annually and in accordance with the nature of the membership being sought. All memberships are subject to annual renewal.

All aspects of insurance relating to official lifesaving activity are covered by virtue of the Club’s and all of the individual members’ registrations with the RLSS UK.

Individual membership of the RLSS UK is nor dependent on being a member of a Club affiliated to the RLSS UK.

Why Not Join with a Partner

It is easier for you to pursue lifesaving activities if you join with a partner, who was born in the same year as yourself and of the same gender. You can learn together. Don’t have a partner? Do not be discouraged from joining, we can often ‘pair people’ up creating some winning teams.

To make enquiries about joining the Folkestone Sports Centre Lifesaving Club please visit the How to Join The Club section of the website.

Equipment Requirements

Training equipment is provided out of FSCSC funds, except when RLSS UK specification swim fins are needed for some National Speed Championship events.

These specialist swim fins cost in excess of £100. Only the most advanced of our lifesavers would need specialist swim fins.