Life Saving Section

Welcome to the lifesaving section of Folkestone Sports Centre Swimming Club (FSCSC)

The lifesaving teachers/coaches at FSCSC share in the mission of the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) which is “to inform and educate everyone in water safety and resuscitation and to increase progressively the number of people trained in water rescue”.

Gaining RLSS UK National lifesaving Awards and competing in lifesaving skills, incident and speed championships results in the development of key life skills such as team work, leadership and citizenship, as well as contributing towards a healthy lifestyle.

At FSCSC, the mission of the RLSS UK is pursued by promoting the following objectives:

  • the provision of technical education in lifesaving, water safety and life support (resuscitation and first aid) to Club members;
  • the stimulation among ALL Club members of opinion in favour of the acquisition of the highest possible standards in swimming, life saving, water safety and life support, as appropriate to each individual;
  • provision of training and assessment with the aim of gaining RLSS UK National Awards;
  • entry into competitions and championships, including those at United Kingdom level, in order to enhance personal development and to maintain interest in all aspects of life saving;
  • active co-operation with relevant Shepway initiatives

One of the brilliant things about lifesaving with FSCSC is that at the main Championships which we enter, EVERYBODY competes in his/her own age group and category at the same venue on the same day(s).

 Good Luck

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